Media & Monetization

Here are a few of my best essays on the business of digital media and consumer technology:

"Network Effects & The New Physics Of Digital Media" (2016). Laying out a framework for thinking about media (or any attention-selling business) in the age of the internet. Bridging the "physics" of the internet (zero marginal costs, liquid information, seven billion content creators) with the static-percent-of-GDP nature of the advertising industry.

"How Fast Is Digital Media Revenue Growing? Not As Fast As You Think" (2016). Got the math on the duopoly's growing share of digital ad revenue right before most anyone else. As things go, Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and soon TikTok have added color to this picture.

"New Media's Shift From Product- to Service-Driven Revenue" (2016). At the time, media companies were becoming ad agencies. That trend continues on the advertising side. But the rise in subscription revenue is product-driven, for those who can.